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What is mud jacking?

Mud jacking is a method of concrete repair that is far cheaper than replacing your damaged concrete. We raise your sinking concrete by pumping a mixture beneath the concrete slab to raise and stabilize it.


If you have damaged concrete and don't have the budget to replace it, call our owner today at 815-719-6908 for your FREE estimate.

Save big with our mud jacking service

Raising and leveling your sunken or settled concrete can drastically increase its longevity. Raising your concrete with the help of Advanced Concrete Raising & Replacing costs 50-70% less than concrete replacement. You save money, we save concrete!

  • Uneven or unleveled concrete                

  • Cracks

  • Voids under concrete

  • Standing water

  • Sinking concrete

High-quality mud jacking service

With Advanced Concrete Raising & Replacing, you'll get the affordable concrete leveling you need. We raise and support your slabs by drilling holes and pumping the materials underneath the slab. Then, all the holes are patched with concrete to finish the job.

"You save money,

we save concrete"

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